Career in the company AppJobber

L'application appJobber est un produit de la wer werkt was GmbH.

We're a young an rapidly growing technology enterprise in the field of app-development which develops and operates products as well as services that revolve around crowdsourcing for mobile devices. Over 300.000 users in all of Europe are completing jobs for us by now and thereby collecting important information for our customers at the POS (Point of Sale) with their phone. We're specialists in the field of real-time checks of Retail Executions on the market and experts in exploring POIs of any kind.

We're looking for new talent that wants to help appJobber expand in the european market. Here you can see our current job openings. You may also apply on your own initiative if you cannot find an opening that suits your profile. Send us your application including cover letter, CV and credentials via email to

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